Water is my wine. The earth is my body.

spirituality and faith

The Goodness in You

We are all trying to do our best. That’s all. There is so much we don’t know in this life, so many things we are faced with that don’t have clear answers or clear directions. We’d love to be able to google the answer to life’s questions, or go to a trusted person who knows everything about anything. It would be great if we could open the Good Book and […]

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Sexy Jesus

I’ve always thought Jesus was pretty handsome, but it wasn’t until recently that I discovered he’s pretty sexy, too. This guy. He loves pleasure, you know. Want to wash his hair with expensive perfume? He says, Bring it on! Want to avoid doing the dishes and sit by his feet instead? He’s like, Please, stay. Want to drink some wine and eat good food? He says, Come. I made this […]

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The Escape Room

I am an escaper. I have spent my life trying to figure out ways to escape when things get hard, when my emotions are heightened. If something appears in my life that feels difficult and overwhelming, my automatic response is to try to run away. Ever wonder why running is such a popular exercise? For a long time, I escaped through books, novels, especially. I didn’t like things about my […]

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The Divine Mother

I do not read the Bible literally. As a practicing Quaker (who has dabbled in many other spiritual paths), I believe that there is that of God within every person. That we can connect to the Divine directly and purely, and we do not need a priest or pastor or shaman, or even the Bible. Those things can all help very much, but we don’t have to rely on them. […]

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The Happy Idiot and the Tortured Soul

A man I once knew intimately had a particular question he liked to ask: Would you rather be a happy idiot or a tortured genius? This became the question I asked on dates, my little test to see if someone was worth my time. Because, to me, this is a question not about what you are but how you want to live. The trick is in the adjective. Do you want to be happy, […]

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The Sense and Essence Podcast, Episode 2

Free Will and The Power of Choice For a while, I was a little addicted to psychics. When things weren’t going well, I thought I just needed to know the future and I’d be set at ease. That really didn’t work. What I realized is that we can’t know the ultimate reality, no matter how hard we try. And yet, we still often feel as though certain things were fated […]

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Buddhism or Christianity?

I have resisted Christianity for a long time. Instead, I did yoga and bought a few Buddha statues to keep around my apartment. I love all my books on Buddhism, and all that great stuff Pema Chodron and Chungpa Rinpoche and Thich Nhat Hanh say. The Buddha is really cool. But as much as I’d love to, I can’t go sit under a tree and meditate all day to find […]

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