Water is my wine. The earth is my body.

spirituality and faith

Making Mistakes

I am trying to figure out how to forgive myself when I make mistakes. Not small mistakes—though those bother me, too—but bigger mistakes, mistakes that could alter the course of my life entirely. I made one last year, and I’m still living in the past, thinking and rethinking how my life would be different if I had chosen otherwise. In my professional role as an editor, mistakes are evident every […]

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Here And Now And Everywhere

HBO’s new show Here and Now, created by Alan Ball (of Six Feet Under and True Blood fame) captures the ins and outs of a wealthy multiracial family in Portland, Oregon. Do-gooder mom Audrey (Holly Hunter) worries over her grown children’s welfare, while the philosopher father Greg (Tim Robbins) is caught in the midst of a crisis of faith—if you can call it faith. The first episode shows Duc, their adopted Vietnamese son, working in his […]

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Are You Okay with Not Being Perfect?

I’m not. Okay with it. The cliche phrase is “your own worst critic,” and I certainly am. But I rationalize by saying I have high standards for myself, that I know what I’m capable of, and if I don’t live up to my standards, I’ll feel as though I’ve wasted parts of my life. One of the things that exploring yoga and other spiritual traditions has taught me is that […]

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