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Be an Instrument

The Holy Spirit has many channels. If one doesn’t work, she finds another. She is infinitely creative. We always have a choice in this life whether to work with Her, to allow her in, or to toil on our own while staying lost and confused. I don’t know that I believed in God, or could use that word without choking, for a long time. But when my son was born […]

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The Divine Mother

I do not read the Bible literally. As a practicing Quaker (who has dabbled in many other spiritual paths), I believe that there is that of God within every person. That we can connect to the Divine directly and purely, and we do not need a priest or pastor or shaman, or even the Bible. Those things can all help very much, but we don’t have to rely on them. […]

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Opening Your Life to Fullness

If we are to experience true happiness, and live in the realm of Spirit—or spirituality—we must be open to the stripping away of the many masks we wear until we see our souls naked as a newborn baby. When that happens, we begin to ask, What do we want? Who do we want it for? What are we doing on this earth? Quakers, or the Religious Society of Friends, talk […]

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