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Buddhism or Christianity?

I have resisted Christianity for a long time. Instead, I did yoga and bought a few Buddha statues to keep around my apartment. I love all my books on Buddhism, and all that great stuff Pema Chodron and Chungpa Rinpoche and Thich Nhat Hanh say. The Buddha is really cool. But as much as I’d love to, I can’t go sit under a tree and meditate all day to find […]

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Getting Comfortable with Discomfort

There is a tendency in us to shy away from certain people. Something in our minds says No. We push them away. Often they’re the kind ones, the beautiful souls. I’m not talking about what your gut says, because your gut is usually right. I’m talking about what your head says. We see, too often, with our face-eyes, and not with our hearts. We judge, and we select. We say, Good to […]

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Awake or Asleep?

I’ve always had so many questions. When I was in first grade in a city Catholic school, for instance, and a nun started teaching us about Adam and Eve, I raised my hand and asked how all the people in the world could possibly be made from just two people. Especially if incest was wrong. (Though I doubt that’s how I phrased it.) The nun told me to go back […]

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Holding on

For so long, my yoga training taught me about surrendering, letting go. When I lost a job I loved, I decided it was a chance to practice letting go, that I had to accept things that were beyond my control. But the lesson I’ve had to learn recently is not about letting go—it’s about when to hold on. My three-year-old daughter recently fell off the swings at the playground next […]

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